The XPhase Communicator is a simple and powerful business class phone system. It's as easy as one two three.




  1. 1. Call our order desk and tell us how many phones you would like. 
  2. 2. We will temporally move your number to your new XPhase Communicator.  
  3. 3. When your package arrives, just plug in the power and ethernet cords and your running!


When you're part of the XPhase network, we monitor your system 24/7 so you don't have too. If a problem arises, we can generally fix it in less then 5 minutes.


This is not a regular business phone company. This is a group membership with technical support. Your membership to our network reduces overall cost. Everything from technical support, bulk phone minutes to infrastructure is reduced because you are joining our network. You get all the benefits of a large company without the price tag.


The systems can be setup by anyone with NO technical skills in less then 5 minutes. *All systems have a 15 day trial period. If for any reason it doesn't work for you.



Try the XPhase Communicator today.





Brandon Shults
Asotin, WA 










* As long as no equipment is damaged.