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The Xphase communicator is an onsite communications tool. It was designed to be an easy business tool, to meet most all of your in house communications needs. What makes this system unique, is it's end user's learning curve. The system was designed around the most widely used cell phone operating system in the world, Android. Because so many people already know this system, learning the Xphase system is like second nature to them. From hand helds to desktops, there is nothing easier then an xphase.



Handheld units for mobile works, example: Nurses, Warehouse, Store workers.

Desktops units for traditional settings.

Server is about the size of a toaster and requires no server room.

System is remotely managed by our technical staff.

System request are just a phone call away, answered by english speaking technicians.

Unlimited technical support.

100% VoIP Technology, meaning lower overall communications bill.



SIP technology can be extreamly technical and hardware specific. The Xphase's root engine was one of the founding fathers of SIP technology, Xphase has matured into a strong and solid product ready for any business environment.


Let our team at Xphase handle all your business communications, and you'll never want to back to the way it use to be.


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